CES Oil and Gas Summer Camp, Azerbaijan

The Caspian Engineers Society (CES), non-profit organisation, is founded on the principle of developing “Engineering Culture” across the Caspian region. It is mission to develop engineers professionally, support regional industry by introducing world class experience and technology, and offer an engineering network.


Further, CES aim to promote engineering awareness among the public that will drive their `Be Engineer ` movement and spark the interest of young generation in engineering

CES’s main objectives are:

    Develop regional engineering network to share knowledge and experience
    Bridge between management and engineering community within companies
    Develop cooperation between science and industrial organisations in the region
    Bring international engineering standards to the region
    Raise Public awareness in different engineering subjects
    Increase professional development of local engineers
    Develop “Be Engineer” philosophy in the region
    Develop ideas to transform Caspian countries into major  industrial region
    Provide engineering support to NGOs in the region

Caspian Engineers Society announces its annual project.CES Oil and Gas Summer Camp 2014 will take place in Baku,Azerbaijan on 15 and 25 July 2014.  This year CES is prolonged the project duration and the content differs from the prior projects. During the camp students will get oil and gas trainings initially. Afterwards participants will get opportunity to become part of the field trips in Oil and Gas Companies.

CES Oil and Gas Summer Camp’s main purposes are:

    The aim of CES Oil and Gas School is to prepare participants to engineer jobs in private and governmental sector;
    to provide an intellectually challenging academic programme of study;
    to develop ability to analyse to syntesise and evaluate key theoretical concepts practical applications in oil and gas sector;
    to utilize case study method as vehicle for knowledge acquisition, reflection and application;

The Caspian Engineers Society  members and non-members can apply.

    70 AZN - The Caspian Engineers Society  members
    100 AZN - The Caspian Engineers Society non- members

Selection Process based on 3 stages:

    Application form
    Interview Screening


In order to apply, register HERE

For further information: Contact number: (+994) 55 450-04-58

Email: sh.taghizade@thecesworld.org
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